Improvements include a new turf soccer field, basketball court, scoreboard, and goalposts, in addition to building repairs and new classrooms  


CHICAGO — Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot joined City, State, Chicago Public Schools (CPS), and community leaders to break ground on a new turf soccer field at Farragut Career Academy High School. The project is part of a $16.6 million investment in the campus, set to be completed by Fall 2022. The improvements will help ensure Farragut continues to grow and thrive as an educational cornerstone in the Little Village community.  


“This new soccer field is not only an enriching space for Farragut high school students to enjoy, but it’s a reminder that Little Village is an important part of Chicago,” said Mayor Lightfoot. “These improvements are a fiscal and emotional investment in our youth and our school communities — and just one of many ways that my administration, CPS, City and State leaders are strategizing to improve our schools and neighborhoods. I’m confident this new soccer field will create generations of soccer players, extracurricular and academic activities that will reflect our collective commitment to the Farragut community.”  


$3.9 million in state funding will go toward the completion of the new turf soccer field, basketball court, scoreboard, ball catcher netting, bleachers, pole-mounted field lighting and associated electrical infrastructure, site drainage infrastructure, concrete sidewalks, targeted vehicular paving, ornamental fencing, trash enclosure, and gates. As part of the second phase of the complex, CPS will invest in installing a pre-fabricated press box, public announcement system, restrooms, and community space to be added to the site by Fall 2023.  


“Today, we gathered at Farragut Career Academy,” said Chief Education Officer Bogdana Chkoumbova. “But we will continue to strategize the best use of our resources so that tomorrow we can celebrate renovations, additions, and even new schools across our city. Every student deserves a welcoming and safe school with all the necessary academic and athletic resources to help them soar.”  


The renovations at Farragut include academic-related investments to the Southwest side school, which has recently added new academic programming, including the rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, to support the District and school’s vision. The building renovation, paid through CPS capital funds, includes a new law classroom, teaching lab, and a resource and study room for the school’s IB Program, a global education model that helps students think critically, solve complex problems, and become more culturally aware through the development of a second language.   


Other facility improvements include a new roof, tuckpointing, electrical updates and accessibility upgrades such as concrete replacement at the building’s main entrance and a rear accessible ramp entrance.        


“Investing in our schools and in our students is necessary to the development and success of capable future generations,” said State Senator Celina Villanueva (D-Chicago). “It goes beyond making sure there are enough teachers and resources in every classroom — we also have to make sure they have safe environments that support their learning, activities, and well-being.”  


The new turf soccer field is an investment for the Little Village community and current and future Farragut students, many of whom joined the groundbreaking ceremony, including a few members of the soccer team and Freshman Ximena Torres, who expressed her excitement about the future of Farragut.  


“I’m so excited to see the new athletic field and all the other improvements at my school,” said Ximena. “My classmates and I appreciate the investment in Farragut. It shows us we matter and reminds us that we deserve to achieve all of our goals and dreams.”  

“Truly investing in students means supporting their academic and extracurricular development,” said Ric Estrada, President & CEO of Metropolitan Family Services. “This future soccer field will be a place where youth will build strength and teamwork skills, which will help position them for success in school and life. I’m honored to be part of this celebration, which honors Adam Toledo’s memory and will benefit the future of our community and city.”  


“Little Village is a beautiful and magnificent community filled with talented youth who deserve investment, mentorship, and opportunities. This new athletic field at Farragut Career Academy will bring a new safe space for youth and will serve as a reminder for students that they are members of a community and city who care about them and are invested in their success,” said Pastor Matt DeMateo.  

Mayor Lightfoot’s re-commitment to educational investments across the city, including this renovation and new athletic facilities at Farragut Career Academy High School, is just one of many. Through this new field, students and the community will have access to enriching, open spaces to play, learn and grow, and the faculty will also have the opportunity to enjoy this new field for generations to come.