The “ China Star Cultural Festival” 
 In Honor of the Asian American Heritage Month of Chicago & Illinois

Chicago Asian Month is the influence of the United States Asian national culture, the economy has demonstrated the event, co-ordinating body of the city of Chicago by the Illinois state government, was held in May-June every year. Hosted by China Star News Group, co-organized by the city of Chicago, Illinois government, such as “China Star Cultural Festival, Chicago Asian mid-most important Chinese cultural show, economic and trade exchanges.

This year’s “China Star Cultural Festival” will include “Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition” based on Chinese culture and art, the China exhibition of books and audio-visual publications, as well as the contemporary Chinese drama and film Perfectionist such as the three themes of activities. And to assist the Chinese contemporary art exhibitions and galleries promote such cooperation and exchange with the appropriate books and publications, and believe that the Chinese culture as the background to build a brilliant culture of the provincial capital.

Time:June 8-13, 2012

Location:ZhouB Art Center Chinese Morden Art Show

Chicago Clumbia College Chinese Film & Drama Show

Chicago Culture Center Chicago Chinese Book Show

Contact:China Star News Chicago Inc.

+1 312 9659108            951 W. 34th Street, Unit A, Chicago IL E-Mail:

Chinese Morden Art Show

By the China Star News Group & Jiangsu province famous contemporary artist Xu Weijun and a dozen of Chinese contemporary new artist dozens of paintings on display, to the American mainstream society show in Contemporary Chinese social civilization rapid development today, Chinese culture and art performance and wide influence.

The exhibition curator: Zhang Yan

Chinese Film & Drama Show

By the China Star News Group launched the Chinese contemporary youth director and producer ‘s carefully shoot reflected contemporary Chinese social phenomena of film and drama works, with Chicago Columbia College, Columbia College auditorium for broadcasts in. American society to convey Chinese contemporary new image.

Chicago Chinese Book Show

By the China Star News Group to sponsor, and the China International Publishing Group and the China Hebei publishing group, a dozen press to participate in the Chinese contemporary books and audio-visual publications exhibition. The exhibition, collection of Chinese literature, history, geography, science, education, fashion, music, art and so on more than a dozen areas of thousands of books and publications, and there are Chinese, English, French, Spanish and other text types, Chicago will be the Chinese readers as well as the love of Chinese culture in the American mainstream society readers a Book party.